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"With Stephanie's help I have gained a greater self-awareness as a singer. She challenges me in every lesson, and it has paid off immensely! She's such a kind, patient, and hard working teacher, and she really invests a lot into her students. Thanks to her I have gained so much confidence in singing (and acting), and I can't thank her enough for all the work she put into me."
                                        ~ Ryan, FL 

"Before taking lessons with Stephanie, I was a one-dimensional singer choosing music that was "comfortable" in my range". After taking lessons with Stephanie, I expanded my vocal range to a level that I didn't think was possible for me and was able to book a second professional show because of it. Stephanie has helped me keep the balance of my comfortable range and my new range and it feels great to know that I don't just have to sing one particular style of music. Thanks, Steph!"

                                        ~ Joel, Florida

"Stephanie KNOWS the business from a real perspective. She stresses technique but knows what qualities an actor needs to not only get a callback, but book the job. She doesn't sugar coat anything. She'll give you honest feedback & tools to improve your work which are invaluable for an actor breaking into the professional world! She's a great audition coach & consultant!"

                                        ~ Emily, NYC

"Before working with Stephanie, I was unsure as to what was expected from me in the world of professional theatre. Through Stephanie’s class, I gained the knowledge, confidence, and skills which helped me book two regional shows right after graduation! Thanks Stephanie!!"

                                        ~ Christina, NYC

"Stephanie brought her enthusiasm, experience and real-world sensibility to her teaching and really used the time she had with us. She was interested in learning who we were as individuals; she invested in us, and I always felt genuinely supported. Her acting training stressed the passion and immediacy we always need to have to do our best work. It was such a valuable semester."
~ Hana, Indiana University Sophmore

"I had been out of the singing world for quite a while and when I started working with Stephanie, I immediately regained my confidence. I also felt like I was getting a perfect balance of technique training and a real-world sensibility that was going to help me up my game for auditions. She guided me with ease and constructive criticism."

                                        ~ Brad, NYC

"I hadn't auditioned for several years.  Stephanie helped me regain my confidence and my range, and get back in the game.  Thanks!"
                                        ~ Michelle, NYC